Before we can talk about hardware we need to talk about drivers. Most people probably don't know what drivers are aside from those things that download automatically everytime you plug in a new mouse.

Drivers are what turn the base binary transmitted by hardware into something readable by a computer's operating system. Each piece of hardware has a unique set of code and internals that needs to run through the corriponding driver

Some hardware, like keyboards, have drivers internal to the operating system. Older hardware working on a newer system or new hardware working on an older system might need to go through additional drivers to translate the binary. The more the data gets tranlated, the longer it takes to compute and display. Therefore you want as few step as possible for maxium efficiency.  

Fair warning, any portion of this presenation could be expanded to an entire presenation. The rabbit hole is very deep so I will be doing my best to cover everything as quickly and as understable as possible.